Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Three Generations

We spent today at the shop putting the final touches on the autumn class mailer, and as I was talking with our class coordinator Shari on the phone, she mentioned an amazing fact: Caron Dunn had three generations of students in her class this past week! Mother, daughter, and grandmother spent the day together at Castle in the Air learning and creating together.

It got me thinking about all the sorts of people who take classes at Castle in the Air. Mothers come with children to have a special day. Friends reconnect in class with a favorite craft, or to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion. Some people come not knowing anyone in the class but leave with new friends and a real sense of accomplishment because of what they've made and learned.

In a class a few weeks ago, a student asked about the possibility of having a private class, just for her and her friends. Why not? Maybe you are the sort of person who celebrates with a special class at Castle in the Air!

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