Friday, July 24, 2009

Step Back

Any painter can tell you that part of the work is stepping back once in a while to look at the picture as a whole. If you stay too close to the canvas, all you see are details.

Amidst all the other projects at the store, we're preparing the relaunch of the Dromedary Press website. Collecting images of the various books and cards, along with concise descriptions of each, reminded me of the importance of stepping back and taking stock of one's work as an artist. What is the picture saying as a whole? Some projects come together quickly, others are chipped away at over the years as time and inspiration present themselves. An occasional step back to take in the bigger picture shows us what we're really working on, whether we knew it or not, and gives us a sense of the worlds we're creating as artists.

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Anonymous said...

will the website be an online store as well, or what's the plan??? EXCITING!!!!