Thursday, July 9, 2009

Keep Going!

I'm working on a few secret projects that have to do with heraldry this week, so of course I've been looking at the Cammell coat of arms, along with collections of other families' crests.

I've always loved my family motto: "Perseverando." To me, it means that no matter what life throws my way, the best thing to do is to keep carrying on and trust that better days are right around the corner.

Mr. Marsh spotted a crest for a double-barrelled (two-part) name combining Chisenhale with his own last name. He said that he remembered seeing his family crest hanging on the wall when he was growing up, so he recognized the horse's head and the crosses on the shield in the coat of arms. Even though it seemed to us that the horse was getting a bit overwhelmed by what we could only assume were the Chisenhale parts of the crest, Mr. Marsh said that it would be all right, because of the Marsh family motto: "Nil Desperandum!" We had a good laugh over our respective family mottoes -- they seem like two sides of the same coin!

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rochambeau said...

Dear Karima,
Like you I ADORE Heraldry! I'm crazy about it and your motto: Perseverando! It is a GOOD one!!

Will look in my Heraldry books to see if there are any Cammell coats for you to add to your collection.
Now, I am working on your post!
My best to you!