Monday, June 22, 2009

Gustoso Gelato!

Buongiorno! I've just landed from a jaunt to Italy with my family -- it was a much needed break! We had such a great time visiting our friends there. I'm sure I'll be posting more from the trip this week, but for now I just have to sing the praises of Italy's greatest national treasure -- gelato!

Gelato shops are popping up all over Berkeley these days, but this frozen treat's been popular in Italy since the 16th century, when the nobility delighted in the fruits, nuts and other flavors mixed with milk and sugar.

When we landed in Rome, Duncan and the kids and I headed straight to Giolitti, beginning our program of gelato three times a day for our entire trip. We returned to Giolitti and also loved Della Palma, with their 14 flavors of chocolate, or "cioccolato!" But there was no danger of going without scoops of our favorite combinations of flavors, because there is at least one gelateria on every corner of every street in every city in Italy. I always get limone and caffe, and Duncan goes for the cioccolato and pistacchio. My older girl is always deciding between menta with stracciatella or cioccolato with limone. It's my younger one who's the real risktaker of our bunch, choosing cioccolato combined with anything that looks fancy. As long as she can point to it, she can have it.

And the cup vs. cone question is never a dillema for us. You can't eat the cups!

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