Monday, June 8, 2009

From One Magical Shop to Another

Just a stone's throw from the Rhein River, a visitor to Basel, Switzerland, can trek up the ancient sloping lane known as the Rheinsprung. If the cobblestones could speak, they might tell tales of some of Europe's greatest scholars and artists who have trod the Rheinsprung to the University of Basel. Even Paracelsus, the philsopher and alchemist, made his home for a time in this district.

But scholars and artists need supplies, and if only Paracelsus could have used his philosopher's stone to live until the late 20th century, when Abraxas Basel opened its doors onto the Rheinsprung! Inside the tiny 12th century building is a shop with an array of 100 gorgeous inks (handmade from natural components on the premises), sealing wax in complementary colors, and -- believe it or not -- a selection of meteorites!

Sound tempting? Yes, all of us at Castle in the Air would love to visit the Abraxas shop, too. But if you're like us and can't make it to Switzerland this summer, check out the Abraxas listings on the Castle in the Air Online Shoppe. We've carried their Invisible Ink and Oak Gall since our launch last fall, and we've just added two dozen colors from their Artist's, Vegetable, and Metallics lines. Take a peek!

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