Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ollie and Friends

As I write this, our needle-felting teacher Caron Dunn and her students are entering the home stretch on their day-long project, a felted sculpture of Thumbelina sitting on her petal throne. It's amazing to watch them start with a pile of woolly fluff and then -- with simple tools and special techniques and doses of patience and concentration -- see the little fairy girl appear. Here's a photograph of samples from some of Caron's other classes. (Clockwise from the top background, Journal Cover, Delectable Confection, Ollie the Owlet, and Articulated Circus Monkey.)

Caron's next class is this Thursday, when she'll be teaching us how to make the funny little fellow Ollie the Owlet. (You can follow the link to learn more about the class.) Whether you've been needle-felting a while or just want to jump in and learn a new craft, in Caron's classes you'll find her enthusiasm (and talent) contagious.

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