Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Mr. Postman, look and see..."

What is a blog, anyway? For many artists, it’s the online equivalent of leaving their studio curtains open after dark, so passersby can peek in and see the creative process in action. And in a way, blogs are also like the typed form letters we all get at Christmas from distant relatives, telling us all the news of the year in little bite-sized portions.

As impersonal and corny as those form letters can be, it’s sometimes the only piece of written correspondence we might get from that particular aunt or cousin in a given year.

Maybe it was this that inspired Victoria Heifner of Milkfed Press to start her “Letterwriting Campaign.” We got one of her lovely invitations recently in our mailbox at Castle in the Air. The regular card-sized envelope contained a small blank envelope and blank card, along with a letterpress note from Victoria:

Hello! I hope that this little note finds you and your loved ones happy and healthy in the New Year!

In an effort to spread the good word on the fun and fine art of correspondence, I thought I’d put thoughts into action and simply send out some pretty things that might inspire people to reach out to their loved ones.

Please enjoy this little package and write a note to someone today.

xoxo Victoria

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