Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How-To: Tie a Ribbon Around a Box

It's a problem that plagues so many gift-givers, but it doesn't have to -- how to tie a proper ribbon around a gift box. Many people start by holding the center of their length of ribbon over the top of the box, then wrapping it down the sides and giving it a quarter-twist so that the ribbon can go up the remaining sides and meet at the top to tie a bow. This method works, but the quarter-twist at the bottom results in a "bump" that can be problematic for small packages or other gifts which need to sit flat.
Here's a way to get over the "bump" method and tie a ribbon that also looks nice. Unspool enough ribbon from your roll to tie half of the bow (one loop and one tail). Pass this portion through your hand and pin the ribbon to the center of the top of the box with your thumb.

Continuing to unspool, wrap the ribbon all the way around the box -- down one side, across the bottom, and up the other side until you're back to your thumb. Then do the quarter-twist on the top of the box, such that the bump will end up where you will tie your bow. Keep unspooling and wrap the ribbon down an unribboned side, across the bottom and up the final side.
Once you're back to the top of the box, unspool enough ribbon to complete the bow (enough for the second loop and second tail). Tie the bow, and presto! You've tied a ribbon around your gift perfectly!

It's that easy!

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