Friday, November 7, 2008

Tell it like it is.

My family name, Cammell, originates in old Scotland. The name Campbell is a modern version of Cammell (it seems my ancestors didn't get the memo). Although the extra letters make the name look longer and more elegant, it is in fact pronounced "camel," just like the animal. Some people with the name Cammell might feel like changing it to something that doesn't remind people of a cantankerous, spitting pack animal, but it suits me just fine!

The Bactrian pictured here is about as pleasant as they come. It's from our beloved illustration and crafts teacher Caron Dunn. Caron made it for my collection from wool felt and stuffing. It is sewn with the tiniest, tidiest stitches and the tail has a tuft! It's got a darling blue and pink bridle and is just perfect.

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