Monday, November 10, 2008

The Countdown Begins

As you can imagine, the Christmas season is never far from our thoughts at Castle in the Air. It begins in January, believe it or not, when we visit Europe to buy at the Christmas shows there. For our customers, the first sign of the coming holidays is the appearance of the Advent calendars, which we've just put out.

Even though the calendars don't begin until December 1st, we're already counting down the days to Christmas. One day this month, our doors will close for the night and the curtains will be drawn. The only sound passers-by will hear will be the (mostly congenial) chatterings of the Castle gnomes as they hang the garlands, scatter snowflakes, and arrange holiday treasures and prizes as only Santa's elves can. When the doors open in the morning, the sparkling wonderland will be revealed.

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