Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Christmas is coming!

This past January, we traveled to Germany to meet with a family of artisans who blow and hand-paint the most gorgeous glass ornaments. When they mentioned that they had a mold to make gnome decorations, we jumped at the chance to have some custom gnomes that would be a perfect match for Castle in the Air.

Our gnomes are outfitted with green jackets and mushroom caps to blend in with the scenery as they take an afternoon stroll on Christmas or New Year's Day, spreading cheer and good luck wherever they go.

The gnomes were in one of seven giant boxes of ornaments that arrived at the shop on Friday amidst a flurry of candy and costumed children trick-or-treating up and down Fourth Street. You might think it strange for us to get excited about the winter holidays in the middle of Halloween, but we feel just like kids on Christmas morning every time an order like this arrives.

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