Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sealed with love

I love sealing wax. I love the way it smells while you melt it, the way it oozes onto the envelope, the way the seal pops free as the wax hardens.  Of course what I love best is receiving a sealed letter in the mail because it is a sure sign that it was sent with... love!
Here is a beautiful tutorial on how to seal a letter the old fashioned way from our friends at Honestly...WTF.

Crafting Surprises

Erica at Honestly...WTF delighted us this morning with another beautiful craft tutorial!  This time she demonstrates how to make colorful surprise balls with materials from the Castle.  We think you will enjoy her step by step instructions, exquisite photography, and splashy color sense.  Who wouldn't want to be surprised with such a gift?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Events on Fourth Street

We are looking forward to the festivities on the street. Visit fourthstreet.com for more information about these wonderful free events!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Snappy Holiday Crafts

We were thrilled to see that this December's issue of Martha Stewart Living features charming gift-wrapping ideas using our favorite crepe paper. The British tradition of holiday crackers is the theme for this array of craft ideas so it is no wonder that we love it!  DIY holiday crackers have been a mainstay all of our parties since we started celebrating. There is nothing like them to make a party go off like a bang! You can view the tutorials online or pick up a copy of this month's Martha Stewart Living.  

Monday, November 19, 2012

Grand Transformations

If, like me, you find yourself noticing more glitter than usual under your fingernails, or on the washcloth as you wash your face, then perhaps you too were part of this year’s Grand Transformation at Castle in the Air, our official welcome to the holiday season.

As always, the reimagining and decorating of the shop was the work of many hands, each of us giving the best of ourselves to the task. Some people are good at the big picture, deciding which marvels are better suited to greet you as you arrive and which ones are better discovered quietly after you’ve settled in.

Others in the Castle crew excel at bringing together the details for each of the scenes we want to share with you. The ornaments on the tree, the books on the shelf, the dolls and marionettes arranged just so, each of them waiting to come to life in your own story.
Just like the shop itself, the Grand Transformation brings together the old and the new. Holiday traditions are wonderful in that they comfort us with revisits of the familiar and at the same time fill us with anticipation over what could be in that brightly colored box, or around the corner in the coming new year.
The turning of the year is a time of hustle and bustle, but amidst the mad dash of the holidays, this is also a time when our thoughts turn inward. Some days finding a moment to think seems like a tall order, but the more times I move through this season the more I know that we can rise to the challenge. 

Perhaps this push and pull, sometimes inner, sometimes outer, isn’t as much of a contradiction as it seems. When I can quiet my mind, it’s in this movement that I find much food for thought concerning the true nature of magic. Looking around at the artistry woven together by many hands, I’m aware just how much magic we have here, and how lucky all of us are to have found one another.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Grand Transformation

Join us for a party! We'll be unveiling our holiday displays on Nov 9th, from 5-7 pm. We are thrilled that Erica Chan Coffman of honestlywtf.com will be celebrating with us!